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Cool, Clear Nights

When the Wolf likes to play

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Hotashi, Moony, Envy

23. Likes Cherry Coke, potato soup, bubble tea, canteloupe, TAZO teas, bacon bits, sushi, BBQ Corn Nuts, and haggis. The San Francisco Giants are THE BEST baseball team ever, and also World Series Champions. Full time student who is finally getting things going. Loves to travel, play, and sleep.

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Harry Potter from hp_claims
~ Remus's wolfsbane
~ Sirius's stubborness
~ Oliver Wood's Quidditch trousers
~ the Oliver Wood/Terence Higgs pairing

Full Metal Alchemist from fma_claims
~ Roy Mustang's smirk
~ Edward Elric's temper
~ Roy Mustang's military uniform
~ Edward Elric's golden eyes

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